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About Sheltie Rescue


Founded in 1996 by Jody Abrahamson for 19 years and we have rescued hundreds of Shelties in the New England area.  Now, in our 20th year, we are moving forward with our beloved organization with an all new Board of Directors and currently, we are seeking new members and foster homes.  We hope you will join us this year!



A NEW BEGINNING...SAVE A SHELTIE TODAY, become a foster family!

Our rescue Shelties are kept in a home environment to better evaluate their needs.

When our rescue's foster homes are full, we encourage the owners of Shelties that must be surrendered to keep their dogs in their home while we assist in finding prospective new owners.sheltie

We rescue and receive Shelties from many different situations, so some may come with baggage; however, it is nothing that cannot be overcome with proper training and lots of love! If you are willing to give the time and have the patience, then the Sheltie is willing to give you love and companionship.

We will provide medical updates and spaying or neutering to all Shelties before placement. We will provide education on responsible pet ownership to all and particularly to first time adopters. If you desire a puppy Sheltie, which we do not often get, please contact us for references to responsible breeders.

Above all, please do not purchase a puppy from a Pet Shop, as these are most certainly obtained from a puppy mill.  For more on puppy mills and their impact on dog's lives, click this link:  Selling Puppies, and a Pack of Lies


Purina Pro Plan Rally To Rescue



mascotsThanks 1-800-PetMeds for the donation of flea prevention for our adoptable pets!

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